A Return of the Wicked Earl

Annalise was a wide-eyed debutante when she fell in love with Blake and wed him. The marital bliss did not last long, however. Her husband started treating her abominably and three months later completely disappeared. Now, after one year of absence, he’s suddenly back and determined to prove he’s a changed man. Only Annalise is not as naive as she once was. She is not about to fall for his false platitudes, relentless wooing and scorching kisses again.

Blake, the Earl of Payne, had it all: a hefty inheritance, a respectable title, a beautiful wife. But it all crumbles when he is abducted, tortured and almost killed three months after his wedding. Now that he’s back he is determined to win back his wife and take revenge on whomever is responsible for his abduction. Neither task is going as planned, especially since his wife has moved on and his abductors have a plan of their own.

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