To Fall for a Duke by Christmas

A steamy, Georgian era Cinderella story.

To spite his former love, David, the Duke of Somerset decides to court the least suitable miss of the house party, an enchanting Irish commoner Niamh. He will not marry a commoner, of course. It is just a pretense. Or it was. Until the sparks fly, and he finds himself falling hard and fast for a woman who is completely wrong for the role of his Duchess.

A penniless Irish commoner living among polite society is unlikely to find a suitor. Especially in England. Or at least that’s Niamh’s experience. Living in a troublesome household of her uncle, she is desperate to get away and go back to Ireland. When Niamh meets the Duke during the festivities, however, she finds herself at crossroads. Will she be willing to give up her freedom for a chance at love?

Extra Epilogue

Peacehaven, June 5th, 1757.

Niamh was sitting on her favorite bench, looking out to the sea, and inhaling the comforting smell of water and salt. This peaceful view was one of the main reasons Peacehaven was her favorite estate. What could be better than having easy access to the sea after all?

She heard footsteps from behind her and smiled to herself.

“What a magnificent view,” said her husband’s lovely voice. She turned at that, to see him smiling down at her. He made a few steps and sat beside her on the bench.

“Did the meeting go well?” she asked, inching closer to him, and burrowing inside his heat.

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Fun Facts

Niamh – Is an Irish name, which means “radiant”, “bright”. Pronounced as “Neeve” or “Nieve”.

This is a prequel novella of the main series “Necessary Arrangements.” And follows the early lives of Evie’s or Lady Eabha’s grandparents.

This novella was written after 2.5 books of the main series was done. Therefore, the characters of the main series were already established.

“A beautifully written historical romance set at Christmas with just the right amount of passion..”

Elizabeth Holland, romance author.

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