An Agreement with the Soldier (Deleted Scene)

This work of fiction contains adult themes. Do not read further to avoid explicit content.

This is unedited deleted scene from the manuscript. Events takes place between chapter 24 and 25.

The moment John saw Sam, he disengaged from the group of working men and ran toward her. He grinned as soon as he stopped in front of her and stood, waiting for his customary kiss on the cheek. Sam obliged him and he took the basket from her hands.

“Do you want to go to the stream to enjoy our lunch?” he asked, leading her away.

“Mhm,” Sam made a noise of acquiescence, tilted her head back and closed her eyes against the sun as she walked. It was a beautiful, sunny day. A rare sunny day and she wanted to enjoy it. It’s been a week since the night they spent under the stars, the most precious week of her life. She and John finally started sharing a bed together. Well, not a bed exactly, but rather a bunch of blankets by the side of the French doors in his room. First, he worried that the floor would be too hard for her, but she convinced him that she didn’t mind.

He finally agreed to spend their nights there on a condition that if she were uncomfortable, she would scramble back into his bed and sleep there. So far, she had never used that option. She would sleep on a cold, wet grass if it meant being with him. The only feeling better than falling asleep in his arms was waking up next to him. 

His nightmares came less frequently, and when they did, she managed to sooth him by gently whispering or lulling in his ear, while petting his arm. 

He told her not to wake him from nightmares, otherwise his reaction could be violent, but so far he settled down every time she soothed him. She was sure all his worries were for naught. But he was still unconvinced.

They spent most of the day together too. Their luncheon hour spread, with them eating, talking and kissing under the sun.

This was the day Isabel was supposed to arrive, and Sam was over the moon about that. She couldn’t wait to share her life with her sister. This was the happiest she ever remembered herself being, and she was ready to shout it to the entire world.

John brought her to their usual picnicking sight and spread the blanket. They followed the same ritual every day, she would set the picnicking area while he washed, then they ate and enjoyed each-other’s company. Sam settled comfortably on the blanket, watching her husband’s bare back as she performed his ablutions. He was splashing in the sun, and Sam had a sudden urge to join him. So she took off her bonnet, kicked off her slippers, rolled down her stockings and set them all aside. She tiptoed carefully to the bank of the stream and stepped into the water.

“Oh! It’s so cold!” She yelled out, frozen on the bank with just her feet in the water. She was holding her skirts over her ankles, her shoulders hunched, a grimace of pain on her face.

John turned to her and laughed. “Why did you think it was a good idea to step into a freezing stream?”

“You are knee deep and you don’t look at all cold!” She felt a cramp starting up in her toes and hastily scrambled back up the bank. John’s rumbling laugh followed her out of the water. In her haste she stepped on the pebbles or what might have been bare branches that poked at the sole of her foot. “Ow!” she yelled and raised her foot, which only worsened the pressure on the other one. 

Suddenly she felt being scooped up into the arms of her husband. She started with a yelp, but as soon as she realized what was happening locked her arms around his neck. She pressed herself closer to his chest, not caring that he was dripping water and making her gown wet as well.

John made a couple of steps and sat on a thick log, placing her carefully on his lap.

“Show it to me,” he said. “Does it still hurt?”

Sam twisted her leg and surveyed her foot. There was no bleeding, just red marks from the pebbles. “I shall live,” she said brightly.

“Good.” John lowered his head and took her mouth in a scorching kiss.

Sam laughed into his mouth before his tongue swooped inside and she forgot how to think. His hands were roaming her body as he kissed her fiercely. Sam pressed herself closer to his naked torso, running her hands over his arms. She loved the play of muscles as he tensed. She loved the feel of his silky skin beneath her fingers. She wanted to trace every inch of his body.

Sam felt his hand travelling up her skirt and squirmed. The tingle appeared between her legs and she wanted to feel him there. She shifted until she was straddling him and pressed herself against his hard, erect length. John groaned and shut his eyes tight. Sam smiled at his expression of pure bliss mixed in with agony. She lowered her hands and quickly started unbuttoning his falls, while his hand traveled farther up her skirt. He found the slit in her drawers and his fingers ventured to her private place. Sam moaned and pressed herself firmer into his hand. John chuckled, then took her earlobe into his mouth and sucked on it.

Sam squirmed, as he just played with her folds, not delving further, not satisfying her hunger.

Finally, she was able to undo the buttons on his breeches and took his erect length into her hands. It was thick and hard and incredibly hot. She moaned as her hands played with its length, traveling up and down, squeezing him. 

With a growl, John lifted her up until she hovered above him. The head of his cock lightly pressing against her center.

“John,” she whispered, easing herself down his length, taking him in, marvelling at the feeling of being filled by him. John squeezed her buttocks and looked into her eyes. She could feel his heartbeat accelerating, his breathing came out in fitful gulps. Sam carefully placed her hands on his shoulders and sat down, hard. 

John groaned and threw back his head. Sam traced her mouth over his exposed throat, licking at his Adam’s apple, venturing lower.

“Sam,” he croaked. “I can’t…” He started moving her on top of him in time with his rhythmic thrusts. Uncontrollable whimpers started leaving Sam’s throat with his every move. And she started moving her hips in time with his thrusts. John was watching every minute change in her facial features and somehow this intense perusal fed into her excitement. He placed his thumb over the pearl above her center and she lost control. She saw a blinding light erupt under her eyelids and cried out as she spent the several long moments lost in bliss.

When she came to, John was holding her close to his body, in the protective circle of his arms. His hand was drawing soothing circles on her back, his head was nestled on her shoulder. She was surrounded by his heat and she never wanted to leave. Finally, the surrounding sounds penetrated her hearing, and she heard workers’ banter and laughter, the sounds of shovels hitting the ground.

Sam felt embarrassment heat her neck. They were out in the open, somebody could have ventured further and discovered them. They probably have heard her cries of pleasure too. 

John placed a warm kiss on her shoulder and eased her away. “We need to get back,” he whispered to her. Sam could only nod. She stood carefully, with John’s help, and adjusted her clothing.

“What about luncheon?” She looked at their picnic spot, feeling forlorn. 

John was putting on his boots as he spoke, “Do you mind if we distribute the food among the workers? I’ll have a bite, but I feel like I’ve spent enough time away from work as it is. Besides, I’ve already had the tastiest treat.” He grinned at her and she blushed.

“Come.” He swept her into his arms again. “I’ll deliver my bride to her slippers. Don’t want you to hurt yourself again.”

Thank you for reading the deleted scene of “An Agreement with the Soldier.” I hope you enjoyed it!

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