ARC Reader terms and conditions

What is an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy)

Advance Readers Copy is a finished or almost finished version of a book, given out for free to select group of readers for a free honest review.

Who is an ARC reader?

ARC readers are usually avid, voracious readers. They love getting exclusive free books before they are published. They are also either compulsive reviewers or book bloggers.

Ready to join Sadie Bosque’s ARC team?

General requirements
  • Adult readers only (18+ years old).
    Sadie Bosque’s work contains adult material unsuitable for people under 18 years of age.
  • Reviews should be posted on Amazon or Goodreads. Bookstagram, facebook and other blogs are optional, but welcome. If you don’t leave reviews on amazon, but have a personal or other blog with a decent exposure, you’re welcome to apply.
  • You are not required to read and review every book.
    As ARC Readers, you will receive calls to ARC read each piece of work together with description, word count and a Blurb. You do NOT need to respond every time. Only when the work resonates with you and you have free time.
Technical requirements
  • ARCs will be sent to addresses. No exceptions.
    You do not need to own a Kindle. If you read through a Nook, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc., you can still receive an ARC. Download the Kindle App and obtain an address.
    This is for copyright and anti-piracy measures.
  • ARC readers may not share, reproduce, distribute, or publish any provided work in any form.
    Books are copyrighted material, so help the fight against piracy and support your local indie authors!
Content of Reviews
  • You are receiving an ARC for an honest and voluntary review.
    Please indicate so in your Amazon review. Failure to do so may result in your review being rejected. Perfect spot for a disclaimer is at the end of the review.
  • No major spoilers, please. Your review is your own. But please, refrain from giving out major spoilers as it can impair other readers’ experience.
  • Late reviews. Sometimes life gets in a way. You will be receiving several emails to remind you to leave your review. If for some reason, you feel like you will not be leaving a review to a particular book (any reason), please, email Sadie and let her know.

Published by sadiebosque

Sadie Bosque is a pen name, or an alter ego, if you like, of a sheltered young woman from outskirts of the World. The author uses her secret identity to write steamy historical romance novels by night, hoping to create the perfect escape for people like her. Extremely introverted, the author likes her privacy, but will divulge her writing process and ideas on her social media.

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