Street Team Terms and Conditions

What is a Street Team?

Street team is a readers group formed from a group of people who are fan of a particular author’s work. In this case, Miss Sadie Bosque’s.

Who are Street Team members?

Street Team members are fans. People who are excited about Bosque’s work and are ready to push it for everyone to see. They can be book bloggers, avid reviewers, active goodreads users.

Ready to Join Sadie Bosque’s Street team?

General requirements:
  • Adult readers only (18+ years old).
    Sadie Bosque’s work contains adult material unsuitable for people under 18 years of age.
  • Active goodreads users. Should be interested in adding Bosque’s books to Listopia and/or voting on them; commenting on her books, status updates, events and/or liking sharing them.
  • Active bookstagrammers. Should be interested in sharing new releases, special deals about Bosque’s books, creating challenges or just posting posts with pictures of her books.
  • Book Enthusiasts. If you are not an active Social Media user but you’re an enthusiastic reader, you love ebooks, paperbacks, getting swag and are gushing on books, you’re also welcome. We need swag testers, proof checkers and many other things as Bosque is out of the USA and can’t receive the swag and proofs and do it herself.
Technical requirements
  • As Street Team, you will have a special facebook group where you could coordinate your efforts and discuss new releases, as well as be the first ones to get the special content.
  • Street Team members may not share, reproduce, distribute, or publish any provided work in any form.
  • Books are copyrighted material, so help the fight against piracy and support your local indie authors!

Published by sadiebosque

Sadie Bosque is a pen name, or an alter ego, if you like, of a sheltered young woman from outskirts of the World. The author uses her secret identity to write steamy historical romance novels by night, hoping to create the perfect escape for people like her. Extremely introverted, the author likes her privacy, but will divulge her writing process and ideas on her social media.

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