To Fall for a Duke by Christmas (Extra Epilogue)

Peacehaven, June 5th, 1757.

Niamh was sitting on her favorite bench, looking out to the sea and inhaling the comforting scent of water and salt. This peaceful view was one of the main reasons Peacehaven was her favorite estate. What could be better than having an easy access to the sea after all?

She heard footsteps from behind her and smiled to herself.

“What a magnificent view,” came her husband’s lovely voice.

She turned to see him smiling down at her. He made a few steps and sat beside her on the bench.

“Did the meeting go well?” she asked, inching closer to him, and burrowing inside his heat.

“Yes. It went well. The money from your bookshop is now successfully invested into something called a condensing steam engine. I know how you loved the shop and I promise to give you one as soon as all our work pays off,” David said, placing his arm around her. “It doesn’t get us out of all the debt yet. But with your frugality, I think we will be in a safe financial state in no time.”

“We have to,” Niamh said, as she looked away and put her hand protectively over her stomach.

“By the way, I just received the news. My aunt gave birth a month or so ago. I have an heir presumptive as it seems.” His smile turned gentle as his gaze settled on her slightly rounded belly. “Which means, there is no pressure on this babe. Personally, I would love a little fiery girl. And,” he paused and looked her up and down suggestively, “I am sure we can make a few more babes after that.”

Niamh laughed and placed her head on his shoulder. She felt him nuzzling into her shiny locks, inhaling her scent. She loved how peaceful it was on his Sussex estate. She loved their evenings together by the sea. Soon, their little family would grow, and she was looking toward it immensely.

David’s hand was circling her belly with calming, yet arousing strokes. Niamh turned her head toward him and kissed his jaw. David glanced down at her with a smile before nipping on her lips. She retaliated by placing a hot, openmouthed kiss on his mouth. With a low groan, David took her by the waist and sat her astride his hips.

“What are you doing?” Niamh laughed against his mouth as she settled more comfortably atop him.

“Debauching my wife.” David put his hands inside her skirts and shifted them higher, tracing the shape of her calves and thighs. He kissed her deeply, licking into her warm mouth as she tangled her tongue with his.

“Not here,” she whispered against his mouth, realizing they were still outside during the bright, sunny day.

“Why not?” David’s hands finally reached her bare bottom, and he pulled her closer to his groin, so she could feel his aroused state.

Niamh moaned at the sensation before disengaging her mouth from his once again.

“Somebody will see,” she whispered. But David was already opening his falls under her skirts. “David!” she let out an indignant shriek as he pulled her closer to him once more until she hovered over his hard, hot cock.

“Feel this?” He rubbed her against his hard flesh. Niamh closed her eyes and moaned in satisfaction. “I can’t wait any longer, sweet.”

Niamh couldn’t wait either. She put her hands on his shoulders and levered herself against his cock before sliding her way down his length inch by agonizing inch. David groaned. It felt so good, so incredibly wonderful, this feeling of being filled by him. Of having him in her arms, inside her flesh. David took her mouth with his and shoved his tongue inside her, plunging deep, then withdrawing and plunging again in an erotic rhythm. Niamh couldn’t take it anymore. With one sharp movement, she sat down fully atop him.

“Niamh,” David moaned against her lips. “Oh God, Niamh.”

His cock was fully inside her now. Her sensitive, soft flesh stretched and filled with his hot and hard one. David groaned into her mouth before Niamh lifted her head and started moving atop him. She lifted her hips a little before lowering them once again until his cock filled her to the hilt. She rubbed her hidden nub against him with each movement. David took her by the hips and started moving with her, helping her keep her rhythm, thrusting his cock inside her again and again. The feeling of flesh meeting flesh was so blissful, Niamh couldn’t help but moan with every contact.

David opened his mouth and bit her lightly on her shoulder. The pain only heightening the sensation of pleasure. Niamh felt the climax approaching. She lifted her head to the sky, as the white bursts of pure pleasure enveloped her, and she let out a short cry. David quickened the rhythm of his hips, plunging into her deeper until he joined her in the bliss. He hugged her close to him, still inside her, burying his head between her shoulder and neck.

Niamh regained her wits a few moments later. She looked around. They were still sitting on the same bench, overlooking the sea. The sun was shining brightly in the sky. The waves were crashing against the rocks. David was still inside her. She wriggled as if to get up, but David’s arms tightened around her. One more minute, she decided, settling back.

“What do you want to name our babe?” he asked suddenly.

“Mm?” Niamh raised her head and looked at him. David ran his hand against her belly before asking again. “Our babe. What do you want to name him?”

“Liam,” she said with a soft smile, “if it’s your fierce heir.”

“What if it’s a girl?”

Niamh thought for a moment. “I’ve always liked the name Eabha.”

“Eabha,” David said thoughtfully. “I love it.”

Niamh sighed contentedly before lowering her head back to his shoulder. She didn’t need the beautiful views, the seas, or the castles. Everything she ever needed was right there in her arms.


Thank you for reading the second epilogue of “To Fall for a Duke by Christmas” novella. I hope you enjoyed it!

Be sure to read the story of Niamh and David’s granddaughter, in A Bargain with the Rake.

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